Sunday Night Services

Burning Question:  I miss the Sunday night service.  Could we have one sometimes when DIVE is not in session?  Or maybe do both DIVE and a service?

Almost 7 years ago, we shifted gears regarding our Sunday night schedule.  Service attendance was flailing and we were unable to attract any of the young families because there was nothing available for children.  So we shifted gears and implemented something called DIVE.  DIVE is a small group format which offers discipleship classes for all ages.  The rotation of classes changes each quarter (except during Summer).  We found an immediate increase in attendance but, more importantly, people were being engaged in Bible Study according to their personal needs and choices.

Churches constantly have to evaluate whether their ministries and events are being done for the sake of tradition or effectiveness.  You may find this post to be an interesting read when it comes to churches and Sunday evening services.  Sometimes, we have to “sacrifice a sacred cow” in order to be more effective in overall ministry.  The day will come when DIVE has outlived its effect or God leads in a different direction for our church.  The question will always be:  “Are we willing to follow God’s lead, even in the face of change, in order to be who He has created us (as individuals and churches) to be?”



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